Translation of your web-site into Russian.

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If you are involved in any sphere of economy, RTT is ready to offer the services concerning translation of web-sites into Russian, including selection of keywords for search engines.

We can carry out quality translation of a web-site into Russian, and also adjust it to search-engine requests of Russian Internet audience in order to enlarge the target group.

We take an individual approach towards any project.

Any translation involves a project manager, coordinating the work of the translators, who are native speakers, by the way. The translation undergoes a thorough editing, and only then the customer receives the resulting text. If necessary, we can carry on an html- and php-coding of the web-site.

We guarantee the high speed of translation.

If the text for translation contents illustrations and schemes with inscriptions, they will also undergo translation into Russian.

We guarantee preserving of original formatting and styles as well as adjustment to demands of Russian Internet sector and Russian language.

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The cost of translation varies from 0,5 to 1,1 euro per line.

Our translations:

- will be clear to Russian Internet users, as well, as to Russian-speaking citizens of post-Soviet countries and other regions;

- will be carried out thoroughly and on time;

- will content the most frequently requested keywords concerning the subject of translation;